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Zeahorse - Lets Not (And Say We Did)

Crank this to 9.1 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Punk, Noise Rock

Sounds Like: Constant Lovers, Unwound, Tweak Bird


We seem to have a soft spot for 90s punk/noise rock here at R11, so when a band comes along with influences from this era, we're certainty intrigued. Welcome Australia-based foursome Zeahorse and there third release Let’s Not (And Say We Did). Their brand of offbeat punk/noise rock hits all the right notes and have instantly become a mainstay in our rotation. Yes, they do have a foundation of influences from bands like Fugazi and Unwound, yet it's so much more. Zeahorse add their own unique angle to this punk genre. There is a trippy side to the album that really sucks you in.

Upon first rotation we were instantly hooked, as the fist track "Designer Smiles" is very infectious. The fist half of the song hits with a steady bass and trippy vocals along with a grounding percussion. The song takes a turn at the 2:45 mark and spirals into an oblivion of psychedelia noise rock, it's fucking brilliant. "Panic Laps" continues this energetic pace and doesn't waiver much throughout the album. There is however great contrast to be found on Let’s Not (And Say We Did). The way they weave in and out of punk, noise and psychedelia is truly special, making for one unique album.

Track Listing:

1. Designer Smiles 4:53

2. Panic Laps 3:22

3. Guilty 03:21

4. The Ladder 4:15

5. Cut the Slack 4:11

6. 20 Nothing 4:28

7. One of Everything 2:51

8. Don't Laugh 05:48

Standout Track(s):

"Designer Smiles" could be one of the best songs of the year already and the last song "Don't Laugh" drives with a smooth punk trippiness that keeps building towards the end. "20 Nothing" is a close third with it's dark feel.

Adult Beverage Pairing:

Grab a hold of some Hopsmack! IPA by Toppling Goliath Brewing in Iowa. This 7.7% double IPA contains aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit while have a somewhat bitter flavor. A nice complex brew to enjoy while listening to this album.



Captivation and Variety

9 out of 11

Vocal Performance

8.9 out of 11

Weight of the Heavy

8.6 out of 11

Fretwork Prowess

8.9 out of 11

Percussive Vision

9.2 out of 11

Bass Undercurrent

9.4 out of 11


9 out of 11

Overall Album Flow

9 out of 11


8.9 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics

8.8 out of 11

Production Value

9.3 out of 11


Zeahorse Is:

Max Foskett

Ben Howell,

Julien Crendal

Morgan Anthony.

Final Thoughts:

Zeahorse incorporates everything we love about punk/noise rock. Their influences plus the modern psychedelia they inject into this album is outstanding. Let’s Not (And Say We Did) will definitely add some variety to your rotation.

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