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Worship (Many Masters)

Crank this to 7.8 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Sludge

Sounds Like: Cough, Rebreather

Homeland: California


Album Overview

  • Thick, hardcore-like sludge from California

  • Abrasive vocals lead the way

  • Worship doesn’t break new boundaries in the sludge genre, it’s straight-up raw sludge

  • At times we hear some early 90s hardcore break through, it's a nice touch

  • The songs are short and emotional as you can feel the bands tight chemistry shine through


Track Listing:

1. Many Masters 5:23

2. Mercy 3:14

3. Catherine 4:19

4. Visceral 3:32


Standout Track(s)


This track is a blend of 90s hardcore meets raw sludge. The rhythm makes you want to bash something or hit the pit, it just keeps on building.


Brew Pairing

Phantom Unicorn Stout by Pipeworks Brewing in Illinois. This hefty 14.3% stout has notes of vanilla and dark cherries. A nice pairing with Worship.

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