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Wormwitch (Wolf Hex)

Crank this to 9 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Black metal

Sounds Like: Gatekeeper, Kvelertak, Harakiri for the Sky

Homeland: Vancouver, British Columbia


Album Overview

  • Wormwitch's fourth release is a frenzy of dynamic and swift thrash Black metal with some punk angles

  • The vocals are what you would expect for this style of music, yet there is something more enticing about Wormwitch that we can't put our finger on. Perhaps they have a bit of old school metal style with some echoed effects scattered

  • The thrash-like guitars on this album are insane and the transitions are incredible as the music often crosses tom speed metal at times

  • The percussion is so tight and gives the album it's monumental sound

  • This is more than your traditional Black metal album. Wormwitch seem to break into thrashy stoner metal, a bit of punk at times, classic speed metal and crusty Black metal

  • Closing the album is a cover of Metallica's classic "Hit The Lights," and it's appropriate here. They do a masterful cover on this song and seems too fit their style perfectly


Track Listing:

1. Lunar Maniac 1:00

2. Canadian Denim Mountain Attack 4:19

3. The Wolves of Ossory 3:53

4. Hammer of the Underworld 3:22

5. The Crimson Proof 2:18

6. Abracadabra 4:26

7. Leering Crystal Effigies 4:32

8. Grail 1:19

9. Teeth of the Dawn 4:20

10. Hit the Lights 4:15


Standout Track(s)

Leering Crystal Effigies

This will pummel your senses, but also shows tremendous rhythms. The vibe is is fluent.

Teeth of the Dawn

The whirlwind of metal is assaulting. The beginning has this Scottish back metal feel, we want to hear a flute somewhere in the background. The song soon transitions to this rhythmic beast, it's fucking great and if this song doesn't grab you, we are not sure what will.


Brew Pairing

Aggromaster Scottish Ale by 3 Floyds Brewing in Indiana. This 7.5% Ale is dark with aromas and slight flavor of coffee. The full-bodied ale is a great companion to Wolf Hex.

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