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Wizard Master (Phasmatis)

Crank this to 8.5 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Doom

Sounds Like: Electric Wizard, 1782, Salems Pot

Homeland: Rome, Italy

Wizard Master

Album Overview

  • Yes, another doom band with 'Wizard' in the name. Seems all to common these days, but don't let this stop you from diving into their hypnotic fuzz

  • Filthy raw doom with meandering heavy riffs leads the way on Wizard Master's debut release

  • The vocals of Livo and Alessandro have that unpolished Uncle Acid meets demented Salems Pot tone; a bit muffled and trippy

  • Those who love the 70s occult doom scene will easily gravitate to Phasmastis. They bring their own welcome doom style to the genre


Track Listing:

1. (Preludio) Extradimensional Being 4:00

2. Know the Wizard 7:27

3. (Grave) Wicked Eye 8:13

4. This is Black Sabbath 6:00

5. (Minuetto) Solve et Coagula 5:23

6. (Epilogo) Phasma Phasmatis 7:07


Standout Track(s)

Know the Wizard

The vocals and lead guitar shine on this track. The slow head-bobbing riff is all consuming, than the songs takes a left turn at the 3:41 mark. The song stops to a sudden slower pace where the vocals are so fucking mellow with a weeping guitar and minimal percussion, it's fantasic.

(Minuetto) Solve et Coagula

The doom riffs are just so addictive here and sound amazing when cranked. This kind of fuzz is a beautiful thing.


Brew Pairing

Grab some Glasshouse by UK based Deep Seeded Brewing. This 5.5% Fruited Kettled Sour provides an aroma of sour bramble and flavors of gooseberry. A sour beer enthusiast's delight and a nice pairing to chill with Phasmastis.

Wizard Master are:

Livio (Manosinistra) Cosentini – Vocals, Guitars

Alessandro (Manodestra) Nanni – Vocals, Guitars, Drums

Francesco “Ganjalf” D’Appio – Bass

Follow Wizard Master: Bandcamp / Facebook


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