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Wedge (Like No Tomorrow)

Crank this to 8.5 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Sounds Like: Wolf People, Deep Purple, Kadavar

Homeland: Berlin, Germany


Track Overview:

1. Computer (4:44)

The opening track takes off in classic 70s inspired fuzzy blues rock. We get a feeling of Deep Purple meets Kadavar... a very infectious tune.

2. Playing A Role (4:36)

Keeping the train rolling with more fuzzed out riffs. Makes you want to turn up the volume a bit more.

3. Blood Red Wine (5:24)

A bit more toned down with a trippy psychedelic feel. Love the synths, they bring some welcome flavor to the song.

4. Across The Water (5:21) Standout Track

Wedge injects some uplifting rock on this song. A perfect track for a mid summer day hike or long road trip.

5. Queen Of The Night (4:15)

A fast-paced feel good song that really took a few rotations to grow on us. Great guitar strumming throughout this tune.

6. U'n'I (3:11)

Another cut loaded with feel good fuzz.

7. At The Speed Of Life (3:38)

Damn, this track just flows with a rich psychedelic rock aura. The song will lift your spirits.

8. Soldier (9:05)

The longest of the bunch and encapsulated all that is Wedge. It's heavy, bluesy and ripe with stoner psychedelics.


Album Nuggets

  • This album has such a clean production without sounding over produced. You can hear each instrument with ease... ear candy at its finest.

  • We feel this may be their best release to date as they seem to be honing in on a distinct sound.

  • Like No Tomorrow is the prefect outdoor warm weather stoner album. As painful as it sounds, we may put this album on the shelf and break it out when spring arrives here in the North East.


Brew Pairing

We're going with a crisp IPA for this album. Grab some Astro Zombie by Aslin Brewing in Virginia. This 6.2% IPA has a slight citrusy bitterness that really compliments this album.

Wedge are:

Kiryk - Guitarist

The Holg - Drummer

Dave - Organist/Bassist

Follow Wedge: Bandcamp / Facebook

Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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