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Weddings (Book of Spells)

Crank this to 8.5 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Rock, Psychedelic

Sounds Like: The XX, Black Mountain, Acid King

Homeland: Vienna, Austria


Album Overview

  • The trio folds in roots from Canada, Spain, and Sweden

  • Melodic blend of psych, stoner and grunge influences harmonized with male and female vocals

  • Book of Spells paints an rustic themed landscape with rich production

  • The first three racks play into darker landscapes with subtle black metal undertones

  • Tundra dives into some pretty impressive acoustic melancholy angles

  • The album deviates a bit in tracks 5 and 6, but comes strongly back to friendly fire with "Masquerades" and the closer "Into the Night"

  • Solid chemistry from the two vocalists. Jay almost delivers homage to Mark Lanegan with his deep guttural reach


Track Listing:

1. Hexenhaus (6:05)

2. Hunter (5:23)

3. Sleep (5:18) Standout Track

4. Tundra (3:28)

5. Running Away (4:23)

6. Talk is Cheap (3:33)

7. Masquerades (4:55

8. Into the Night (6:11)


Standout Tracks


"Sleep" is the darkest and deepest mood setter of the lot.We are absorbed by the melodies and ominous undercurrents. A beautiful build and wonderful patient tempos make for a beautiful trip.


Brew Pairing

The brilliance of Mighty Squirreland their diverse array of IPAs makes for some good aromatic tones to accompany Book of Spells. We recommend their single hopped NE IPA Dear Mack. This one is smooth with the perfect bite at 7.2 ABV.

Weddings are:

Jay Brown -Vocals / Guitars

Elena Rodriguez - Vocals / Drums)

Phil Nordling - Bass

Follow Weddings: Bandcamp / Facebook


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