We Broke The Weather (We Broke The Weather)

Crank this to 7.9 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Jazz, Math rock, Nu-jazz

Sounds Like: Glue leg, Fishbone

Homeland: Somerville, Massachusetts

We Broke The Weather

Album Overview

  • Applaud the novel direction and complex movements

  • Wood and Cusworth take ahold with massive brass sound

  • Wild melodies and an onslaught of sound that grow and make sense with each listen

  • ‘In Web’ shines. What track with explosive contrast.

  • With an album this diverse, the risk is always a tangent too divergent that could sour a whole album. Outside of track 5 filler, the 9 tracks hold up

  • Vocal performance unfortunately brings this one down a few notches, weaker tones and lack of confidence eek through

  • Easily one of the best album cover art visions of the year by Mark Facey


Track Listing:

1. Through the Wall (5:52)

2. Rot King (6:03)

3. These Old Bones (5:20)

4. Niceberg (4:58)

5. btw (1:00)

6. Fire Season (7:53)

7. Bellwether (6:08)

8. In Web (4:53) Standout Track

9. The Fog (9:58)

10. Frequency (5:20)


Brew Pairing

No question we must dive into Aeronaut Brewery, the wonderfully artistic brewery in Somerville. Diverse mix of beers with a consistent vibe. We strongly recommend their 6.4% IPA Inverted Circus. With an eye-catching, gilded haze and hints of citrus, you’ll think its beauty is some kind of parlor trick! Hints of white peach and a surprising crispness will make your taste buds give a standing ovation to the wondrous sound of we broke the weather. Stick around for a finale of passionfruit and mango, leaving you thirsty for an encore!

We Broke The Weather are:

Andy Clark - Drums, Vocals

Kev Ditroia - Guitar

Nick Cusworth - Keys, Synthesizers, Vocals, Tenor sax, Flute, Bass Clarinet

Scott Wood - Guitar, Vocals, Alto Sax, Basement sound engineering

Steve Muscari - Bass, Moog, Brown notes

additional trumpet on tracks 2, 7, & 9 performed by Matt Kelly

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