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Wanderer (Liberation From A Brutalist Existence)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Hardcore, Mathcore, Death metal

Sounds Like: Norma Jean, The Chariot, Pupil Slicer

Homeland: Minnesota


Album Overview

  • Death metal meets extreme hardcore, this album is not for the faint of heart

  • The grinding vocals from Dan Lee combined with the extreme hardcore music makes for one ripping album

  • The guest vocals scattered throughout really elevates things. Check out the guest vocals by Mollie Piatetsky on "Simone"

  • The music is so fucking intense with numerous changeups. We hear elements of classic Norma Jean

  • The terrific and engrossing album art led us to discover Wanderer


Track Listing:

1. Marionette (2:18)

2. Mind Leash (:53)

3. Abrasion (2:16)

4. Bloom (2:16)

5. Decay (1:13)

6. Hellhole (2:22)

7. Simone (2:24)

8. Frost Cage (2:25)

9. Bourn (3:02)

10. Contented (3:54)


Standout Track(s):


Filthy and sludgy math-core rhythms will seep into your brain.


This tune is so over-the-top it's great. Love the additional vocals from Mollie Piatetsky.


This track is a marriage of Red Sea era ISIS meet old Norma Jean, classic stuff.


Brew Pairing

Hovered Ridge by Ten Bends Brewing in Vermont. This smooth tasteing 8.7% IPA has some kick with aromas of floral or tropical fruits. It's a bit citrusy, but not overwhelming. A great pairing with Wanderer.

Wanderer are:

Dan Lee - Vocals

Mano Holgin - Drums

Jack Carlson - Bass

Brent Ericson - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Sanjeev Mishra - Vocals on "Marionette"

Mollie Piatetsky - Vocals on "Simone"

Brandon Carrigan - Vocals on "Contented"

Adam Tucker - Auxiliary percussion on "Simone"

Follow Wanderer: Bandcamp / Facebook

The Space Huns


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