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Void Odyssey (Void Odyssey)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Black Sky Giant, Glow Sun, Crypt Witch

Homeland: Bratislava, Slovakia

Void Odyssey

Album Overview

  • The steady hypnotic fuzz from the Slovakia-based trio is a very impressive debut

  • Void Odyssey don't try and pack too many styles into this EP, they stay the course of dense, heavy meditative stoner doom

  • The scattered voice overs add an intriguing layer to the music. Almost like a soundtrack to some 70s sci-fi or horror themed movies

  • The last track "Reefer Rites" flows with psychedelic riffs. The song takes a turn toward a manic vibe, where the screaming and torturous voices creep in.


Track Listing:

1. Void Odyssey 6:46

2. Aberration 9:24

3. Reefer Rites 10:28


Standout Track(s)


This track has it all, it's sludgy, heavy and trippy with a wonderful relaxing build up at the beginning.


Brew Pairing

Source of Darkness Stout by Source Farmhouse in New Jersey. This 10.3% imperial stout is full-bodied, complex. With notes of specialty malts, caramel, chocolate malt, figs and dried dates, this stout is surprisingly smooth.

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