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Trigger Cut (ROGO)

Crank this to 7.6 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Mathrock, Punk

Sounds Like: Pissed Jeans, Dining With Dogs, Fugazi

Homeland: Germany

Trigger Cut

Track Overview:

1. Solid State (2:14)

Trigger Cut kick things off with a sweet opener loaded with 90s math rock/punk. The bass work is outstanding and chugs along in perfect synch with the drums. A Nice opener to wet the appetite.

2. Coffin Digger (4:25)

Timely placed cymbals to be found on this one. The track has dirtier feel, but holds true to their sound.

3. Transmitter (4:10)

Thumping noise rock tune with nice start/stop action.

4. Oxcart (3:41)

Great classic heavy math rock tune with noise rock structures.

5. Hooray Hooray (3:42)

Infectious percussion leads the way with intense math rock punk vibes.

6. Fireworks (3:56)

Love the build up this song creates to lead us to a sudden end.

7. Way Down The Border (3:03)

Continuing with the math/punk madness, this song has some offbeat vocals which plays well into the song

8. Regular Funk (1:41)

There's no funk in this tune, just more in your face noise rock.

9. Nutcracker (3:29)

The guitar tone on this track hooked us in.

10. YESSSS Brother (3:33)

Punkish vocals lead the way on this track with more intense noise rock to close the album.


Album Nuggets

  • ROGO does not break new ground in the noise and math rock genres, yet will fit in nicely in your punk playlists

  • The vocals get way offbeat at times, but this is the nature of the style of music

  • There are definite influences from early 90s punk and math rock scattered all over the album, yet they make it feel original


Brew Pairing

Sun Reaper IPA by Goliath Brewing in Iowa. This 7.7% brew has a citrus flavor than hit with some soft pine as an after taste. A very unique brew to go along with ROGO.

Trigger Cut are:

Ralph Ralph - Treble Guitar and Vocals

Daniel W. - Bass Guitar

Mat Dumil - Drums

Follow Trigger Cut: Facebook / Bandcamp


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