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Tigers On Opium (503.420.6669. vol. one)

Crank this to 7.6 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Grunge, Heavy Rock

Sounds Like: Black Rainbows, Wolfmother, Stone Temple Pilots

Homeland: Portland, Oregon

Tigers On Opium

Track Overview:

1. We're at Meow Meow (:32)

A short sci-fi spoken word intro that sounds like an answering machine. Our interest is peaked.

2. Hash (5:33) Standout Track

Good 90s grunge meets stoner to kick off the album. Sounds like 90s one and done band Stick meets Black Rainbows. A very cool laid back heavy tune.

3. I May Sound Like A Drunk... But I Feel Like A Matador (3:15)

This one has a fast paced rock and roll vibe. The chorus throws us off as it feels a bit disconnected with the rest of the song.

4. Icarus (3:04)

They take us back to the fluid grunge like stoner vibe. Nice tripped out solo on the song with distant vocals.

5. When I Go (1:57)

A spoken word interlude of a dark mysterious phone call. Sounds like the woman is on acid.

6. Dark Electric (4:00)

A Wolfmother inspired heavy track with swift and progressive guitar licks.

7. Tantos Años Juntos (2:56)

This track has a Southwestern Terentino movie quality about it. A quiet acoustic track with a beautifully placed brass instrument brings the album to a close.


Album Nuggets

  • Tigers On Opium do a nice job of combining grunge rock with crunchy stoner riffs.

  • This album is a grower and sounds better with each passing rotation.

  • This is a nice chapter in the band's library. We look forward to hear where they can take their music next.


Brew Pairing

Grab some Wavelength IPA by Bearded Iris Brewing in Tennessee. This 8.3% New England IPA is crisp with a hints of tropical fruit. A nice pairing with Tigers On Opium.

Tigers on Opium are:

Juan Carlos Caceres

Charles Hodge

Jeanot Lewis-Rolland

Nate Wright

Follow Tigers On Opium: Bandcamp / Facebook

Label: Forbidden Place Records


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