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The Space Huns (Tales of Huns)

Crank this to 8.3 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner rock, Psychedelic, Instrumental

Sounds Like: The Re-Stoned, King Weed, Causa Sui

Homeland: Szeged, Hungary

The Space Huns

Track Overview:

1. Lehel's Horn (4:03)

Psychedelic jamming kicks off the album. This mid tempo instrumental hits on all the right notes; bluesy fuzz, a grounding bass and toe-tapping cymbal work.

2. Scythian Shaman (9:56) Standout Track

Slow and steady. The bass work and percussion are absolutely mesmerizing here. We love how grounded this song is as the guitar just floats effortlessly above the bass and drums. The track slowly builds and gets heavier over time. This is a tremendous tune that weaves in and out of heavy and mellow psychedelia... one of the finest jams we have heard this year.

3. Chasing The Magic Deer (5:27)

A slow grooved bass chugs along to start, then a bluesy guitar starts to seeps in, taking us on a chilled stoner ride. Now we are all consumed in this wonder stoner jam to close the album.


Album Nuggets

  • Tales of Huns is easy on the ears and has a comforting heavy sound. Great when cranked or the headphone route

  • The Space Huns are do not venture far from this psychedelic stoner feel, but they don't need to. These three songs flow beautifully

  • You can feel their chemistry as they are a tight band, this even has an improved feel at times


Brew Pairing

Chill with some Rocket Science IPA by FrauGruber Brewing in Germany. This 8% IPA is citrusy and hazy, a great chill beer to go along with Tales of Huns.

The Space Huns are:

Mátyás Mozsár - Drums

Tamás Tikvicki - Bass

Csaba Szőke - Guitar

Follow The Space Huns: Facebook / Bandcamp

The Space Huns


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