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The Osiris Club (The Green Chapel)

Crank this to 8.6 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Progressive rock

Sounds Like: Porcupine Tree, The Pineapple Thief

Homeland: London

The Osiris Club

Album Overview

  • The Green Chapel is another impressive modern Prog rock album from UK-based The Osiris Club

  • The Osiris Club have a refreshing and unique angle on the prog rock scene. The album is pretty original, we love that they seem to be wrapped up in their own proggy world

  • The depth and vision of Osiris Club is deep as it travels through various landscapes of progressive rock, metal, blissful acoustics and unique melodies

  • Hanna Petterson adds some welcome spaced-out saxophone flavor to this album. It's not over-the-top annoying either, it just fits right in

  • At times The Green Chapel touches upon some proggy doom once in a while ("The Green Chapel III: Winter's End") for example

  • The production is warm with massive sounds, you can say it's a comforting progressive rock album

  • This album is so engrossing as it conjures up sounds of 70's prog rock to modern progressive rock and metal


Track Listing:

1. Phantasm - 4:08

2. Moscow - 3:28

3. The Inmost Light part 1 - 4:56

4. The Inmost Light part 2 - 5:42

5. Diamonds In The Wishing Well - 3:42

6. Count Magnus - 3:43

7. The Green Chapel I: The Green Chapel - 4:29

8. The Green Chapel II: Blind Hare & The Pale Lady - 3:16

9. The Green Chapel III: Winter's End - 4:07

10. The Green Chapel IV: My Lord The Sun - 3:28

11. The Crow - 3:17


Standout Track(s)


This track has an odd mix of prog rock meets 90s metal band Last Crack, Yes, a weird combo, but we love it.

The Green Chapel II: Blind Hare & The Pale Lady & III: Winter's End

Great acoustics backed by intense drums and distant vocals make for one hell of a mesmerizing and peaceful track. This song bleeds right into part 3 of "The Green Chapel" tetralogy. This track is heavier and more dense, great contrast between the two.


Brew Pairing

A flavorful sour is required for listening to The Green Chapel. We recommend Mai Tai Sour by Canada based Collective Arts Brewing. This 6% fruited kettle sour has a slight aroma of a mimosa with flavors of citrus.

The Osiris Club are:

Sean Cooper – lead vocals (1, 2, 5, 6, 11), bass, synthesizers 

Simon Oakes – lead vocals (3, 4, 7, 8 ,9, 10), cornet, synthesizers 

Chris Fullard – guitars, FX 

Roland Scriver – guitars, acoustic guitars 

Andrew Prestidge – drums, percussion, guitar, synthesizers 

Hanna Petterson – saxophone 

Misha Hering – Oberheim 4 Voice 

Follow The Osiris Club: Bandcamp / Facebook


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