The Fabled Fallen (Nightmares)

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Released: 2021

Genre: Power Metal

Sounds Like: Blind Guardian, Dragonland, Crimson Glory

Homeland: Houston, Texas

The Fabled Fallen

Track Overview:

1. Curse of the Moon (4:57)

Could be the funniest hi-pitched intro to the start of a song we have ever heard. Theatrical pipes no doubt.

2. Frankenstein (5:59)

Stampede horse trot with some tremendous wah wah peddle. Cant help but be mesmerized by the powerful fretwork.

3. Cavalry (6:19)

Not much separation in melodies between tracks #2 and #3.

4. Lay to Rest (5:45)

This track breathes much more, good contrast and like the introduction of string instruments.

5. Omega (4:07)

A bit repetitive for our tastes.

6. Nightmare or Premonition (5:38)

Percussion shines on this track. Impressive onslaught.

7. Reptilian Eyes (3:49) Standout Track

Quirky but we like it. different vocal angles and a guitar/bass sound that reminds us of Three Mile Pilot.

8. Love Morbid (5:07)

Wild synth, feels like a different album as this track diverges quite a bit.

9. Sympathy for a Devil (5:41)

Yikes... this track is borderline unlistenable.

10. Not there (4:26)

These last 3 tracks do not flow at all with the first 7. This track has very mainstream melodies.

Album Nuggets

  • Talented pipes.

  • Album consistency derails after "Reptilian Eyes." Sometimes less is more.

  • While we felt the power metal viking-like triumph, it was not maintained throughout

  • Solid guitar and percussive performances.

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