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The Fabled Fallen (Nightmares)

Turn this to 6.3 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Power Metal

Sounds Like: Blind Guardian, Dragonland, Crimson Glory

Homeland: Houston, Texas

The Fabled Fallen

Track Overview:

1. Curse of the Moon (4:57)

Could be the funniest hi-pitched intro to the start of a song we have ever heard. Theatrical pipes no doubt.

2. Frankenstein (5:59)

Stampede horse trot with some tremendous wah wah peddle. Cant help but be mesmerized by the powerful fretwork.

3. Cavalry (6:19)

Not much separation in melodies between tracks #2 and #3.

4. Lay to Rest (5:45)

This track breathes much more, good contrast and like the introduction of string instruments.

5. Omega (4:07)

A bit repetitive for our tastes.

6. Nightmare or Premonition (5:38)

Percussion shines on this track. Impressive onslaught.

7. Reptilian Eyes (3:49) Standout Track

Quirky but we like it. different vocal angles and a guitar/bass sound that reminds us of Three Mile Pilot.

8. Love Morbid (5:07)

Wild synth, feels like a different album as this track diverges quite a bit.

9. Sympathy for a Devil (5:41)

Yikes... this track is borderline unlistenable.

10. Not there (4:26)

These last 3 tracks do not flow at all with the first 7. This track has very mainstream melodies.


Album Nuggets

  • Talented pipes.

  • Album consistency derails after "Reptilian Eyes." Sometimes less is more.

  • While we felt the power metal viking-like triumph, it was not maintained throughout

  • Solid guitar and percussive performances.


Brew Pairing

What better than Jester King Brewery in Texas and their 'Viking Metal' at 7.3 ABV it is aged in Old Tom gin barrels for several months with wild yeast and souring bacteria. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned.

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