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The Chris Rolling Squad (Cannonball Holocaust)

Crank this to 8.5 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Punk, Thrash

Sounds Like: The Offspring, Volbeat

Homeland: France

The Chris Rolling Squad

Album Overview

  • Cannonball Holocaust is 14 punk fueled tracks loaded some old school thrash influences

  • The production is top notch, but not over polished

  • Vocalist and guitarist Chris Rolling is on top of his game. This second album shows more growth compared to previous release

  • At times we hear thrusting Volbeat-like rhythms and early Offspring punk

  • This album makes for a great road trip companion... making it virtually impossible to take your foot off the gas

  • All 14 songs are short and get right to the point. There's no long buildups or annoying gaps... its pure adrenaline baby


Track List:

1. Wild Time 02:31

2. Hate 2000 Blues 02:35

3. Trapped Inside 02:39

4. Bring Down The Hammer 03:02

5. Straight Down To Hell 02:24

6. Faster 01:57

7. Crazy Little Boy 01:49

8. Revolution All Around 03:31

9. Desperate City (I get the fuck out) 02:15

10. Staying Home With Mommy 01:38

11. You Been Gone 03:26

12. Hollywood 02:10

13. Boom 02:26

14. I Just Can't Help Myself 01:34


Standout Track(s):

Trapped Inside

This song has mosh pit written all over it. Classic thrash meets punk.

Straight Down To Hell

Great rhythms and backing vocals abound on this track. It's highly addictive.

Desperate City (I get the fuck out)

We love the occasional aggression on the vocals here.


Brew Pairing

StereoHopic Vol. 2 by Lagunitas Brewing in California. This 7.2 IPA is sweet, bitter and bit on the strong side, making for a great sidekick with Cannonball Holocaust.

The Chris Rolling Squad are:

Chris Rolling - Guitar & Lead Vocals

Brice Duval - Bass & Back Vocals

Thib' Adlersend - Drums & Back Vocals

Follow The Chris Rolling Squad: Facebook / Bandcamp

The Space Huns


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