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Temple Fang (Jerusalem/The Bridge)

Crank this to 8.8 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Krautrock, Heavy Psych

Sounds Like: David Bowie, All Them Witches, Mother Love Bone

Homeland: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Temple Fang

Album Overview

An EP that feels like a split. Two divergent tracks show the diverse range of what is Temple Fang.

The Music

Two wildly contrasted meandering tracks. Jevin’s somber vocals on The Bridge absolutely steal the show. A brilliantly somber track that exudes heartfelt pain. A simple melody that delivers in a big way. The opener features Dennis on vocals and has a Ziggy Stardust and theatrical space feel. The absolute antithesis of the closer but certainly solid.


Standout Track(s)

The Bridge

A melancholy masterpiece reminiscent of old school Seattle grunge ballad.


Track Listing:

1. Jerusalem 10:03

2. The Bridge- 11:44


Brew Pairing

Holland 1839 at 5% ABV has a very thick, head with impressive lacing. The aroma malted sweet bread and mild hop bitterness. Perfect for the 20 minute ride delivered by Temple Fang.


Temple Fang are:

Dennis Duijinhower- Vocals,Bass

Jevin De Groot- Vocals, Guitar

Ivy van der Veer - Piano, Guitar

Econ Loosveldt- Drums

Follow Temple Fang: Bandcamp / Facebook


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