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TarLung (Void)

Crank this to 8.3 of 11

Released: 2016

Genre: Sludge

Sounds Like: Church of Misery, Deadbird, Bongzilla


Sludge blues trio Tarlung from Vienna, Austria are back with more bludgeoning, rhythmic doom on their new EP Void. What we have come to love about Tarlung is their ability to incorporate a foundation of blues into their sludge-filled music. If you’re a fan of the doom/sludge genre than prepare to be sucked into the drudgery void of Tarlung.


1. Demon Sugar Blues 05:03

2. Void 06:08

3. Canis Majoris 07:05

4. Under A Leaden Sky 06:48

What are the highlights of the album?

“Demon Sugar Blues” kicks off the EP and the band sounds as good as ever. This mid-tempo sludge affair offers a wealth of sludgetatsic rhythms. The next cut “Void” continues their drudgery assault on the ears. The vocals in this tune make you want to clear your throat various times throughout, they feel raw and unpolished (which is a good style given the type of music this is). The sludge fest keeps moving along with “Canis Majoris” and “Under A Leaden Sky”. These two songs will further bury your mind into the mud, yet keep you wanting more.

How is the vocal performance?

The vocals of Phillipp “Five“ Seiler suite the music perfectly. They are reminiscent of a mellower Hideki Fukasawa, the previous vocalist of Church of Misery. Phillipp never changes his tempo much; he has an even keeled, low toned growl like no other.

How is the production value?

For a self-produced album, this is really top notch sludge. Just crank it way up and watch the paint scrape off the walls.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

You can’t go wrong with Long Trail’s Sick Day Ale. This Vermont based 6.80 ABV brew is as steady as they come.

Does Tarlung have other albums worth listening to?

Absolutely, take a gander at their debut Self-Titled album from 2014. It’s more sludge to sink your ears into.

Final Thoughts

Tarlung can do no wrong, we have been very impressed with their first two releases and we look forward to their new album. So, if you get the urge to dive into some sludge, make sure you go down with Tarlung.

Band Members:

Rotten - guitar

Marian Waibl - drums

Phillipp "Five“ Seiler - guitars and vocals

Follow TarLung: Bandcamp / Facebook


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