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TarLung (Architect)

Crank this to 9.3 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Sludge

Sounds Like: Church of Misery, The Midnight Ghost Train, Yatra

Homeland: Austria


Album Overview

  • TarLung from Austria have returned with some heavy as fuck sludge

  • There is a more blues foundation to this album than previous releases and it suites them perfectly

  • We are witnessing TarLung becoming a major player in the sludge/doom world. Architect shows growth and patience

  • The production is crisp, yet has a dirty fuzz quality. The guitar tone is tremendous

  • The vocals are filthy and meant for sludge

  • There is plenty of jamming to be found on Architect, the vocals are strong, but they don't overtake the awesome music at hand


Track Listing:

1. Infinity (7:17)

2. Widow's Bane (6:44)

3. Weight of Gravity (6:38)

4. Unthinkable (6:26)

5. Horses of Plague (5:55)

6. Architect (7:08)


Standout Track(s):


The heavy blues is strong on this one. Love the meditative galloping rhythm that kicks of the album. We actually hear a bit of Wo Fat throughout this tune and its glorious.

Horses of Plague

Pure sludge meets classic metal collide for a fuzztastic tune.


Ahhh, this song starts with an uplifting stoner jam, then slowly the sludge creeps in. It's the perfect blend of combination of sludge and stoner rock.


Brew Pairing

Grab some Impact Wrench by Industrial Arts Brewing in Garnersville, NY. This crisp, yet strong 10% IPA hits all the right notes and pairs perfectly with TarLung.

TarLung are:

Philipp "Five" Seiler - Guitars and Vocals

Marian Waibl - Drums

Rotten - Guitars

Follow TarLung: Bandcamp / Facebook /

The Space Huns


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