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Swamp Lantern (The Lord is With Us)

Crank this to 7.9 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Doom metal, Goth

Sounds Like: Lord Vicar , Candlemass, Spiritus Mortis

Homeland: Bellingham, Washington

Swamp Lantern

Album Overview

  • Sophomore release by the Washington natives

  • Pagan-like clouds provide for a unique ride through progressive rock shifts

  • Much like the cover, this album is loaded with glimpses at a variety of goth and metal accoutrements. Takes a few spins to wrap your head around the overall direction

  • Best moments include dueling guitar-work and the more aggressive vocals


Track Listing:

1. Blood Oath (On Pebble Beach) 9:16

Not the best of openers. Track drags a bit with uninspiring vocals.

2. Still Life 10:38

This track brings things down in a very special way. Strong build with classic metal hooks.

3. Graven Tide 8:11- Standout Track

Wonderful vocal contrast as the Black metal takes ahold. The darkness is inviting and brilliantly layered. Heaviest of the lot.

4. The Lord is With Us 4:36

Solid instrumental with hints of synth and distraught temperament.

5. The Halo of Eternal Night 11:03

A wild ride with unique angles, choir chants, and a myriad of vocals. Excellent crescendo in the last minute.


Brew Pairing

Sticking with the lord’s vision, lets match Swamp Lantern up with Washington’s own Holy Mountain Brewing Company. Their 12.5% ABV imperial stout, Midnight Still is quite the religious experience. A 100% Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout laid down in Kentucky Bourbon barrels where it ages for 15 months. Mulit-blended batches at different ages. Syrupy rich deep stout with tones of licorice and classic smooth layers.

Swamp Lantern are:

Jeff Kastelic - guitar, vocals

Jonny McIntyre - guitar, vocals

Stu Hodge - bass, vocals

Easton Sartor - drums

Guest musicians:

Aimee Wright - Vocals on 1 and 5

Gage Lindsay - Guitar solo on 2

Bobby Savage - Guitar solo on 5

Rich Canut - Synth/Guitar on 3 and 4

Follow Swamp Lantern: Bandcamp


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