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Strychnos (A Mother's Curse)

Crank this to 9.2 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Black metal, Death metal

Sounds Like: Lunar Blood, Goatwhore, Bertor

Homeland: Copenhagen, Denmark


Album Overview

  • Underground death metal built off an epic threesome from former Undergang, Myrkur, and Usipian fame

  • This is the first full-length and long-time in the works from the Denmark underground super group and comes off their 2011 EP release

  • The result is an assembly of masterful guttural black metal the covers quite a bit of ground.

  • Tremendous detail and rich in texture this is a death metal album set on a whole new level

  • Larsen is otherworldly with his percussive onslaught that is so clean and varied. Enthralling throughout this entire album

  • Anderson offers up a solid mix of inflection and angst


Standout Track(s)

A Mother's Curse

The title track sets itself apart with infectious melodies and layered fretwork. The ending entails a blissful chorus so poignant and reflective of the powerful artwork.The chilling motif is based on Danish sculptor Niels Hansen Jacobsen’s statue ‘Death and the Mother’ from 1892, depicting a young woman in the moment of ultimate tragedy. Jacobsen was inspired by the ending of ‘The tale of a Mother’, a story written in 1847 by famous author Hans Christian Andersen: “And Death walked with her child into the unknown land.


Track Listing:

1. Traumer (5:35)

2. Blessed Be the Bastard Reign (3:14)

3. A Mother's Curse (5:28)

4. Horror Sacred Torture Divine (6:42)

5. Regiments of the Betrayed (6:40)

6. Manus Nigra (4:24)

7. Blind Eye Epiphany (5:04)

8. The Doppelgänger Stare (5:42)


Brew Pairing

We would highly recommend the Double Black Mash Bourbon beer made by Amager Bryghus a microbrewery in Kastrup Denmark. At 13.8 ABV this double barreled fuck is so rich and perfect for everything that A Mother's Curse exudes. Deep nutty pine notes embedded within a bourbon onslaught.

Strychnos are:

Martin Leth Andersen - Bass, Vocals

Nis Rode Larsen - Drums

Andreas Lynge - Guitars

Follow Strychnos: Bandcamp / Facebook


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