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Stonekind (Spirit of the Void)

Crank this to 9 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Progressive rock, Stoner rock, Grunge

Sounds Like: A Perfect Circle, Soen, Hippie Death Cult

Homeland: North Carolina


Album Overview

  • It's hard to imagine Stonekind are a duo, even with guest musicians, this album is very rich in texture and detail

  • Spirit of the Void dips its toes into quite a few genres from progressive rock to grunge and stoner. You would think it would be all over the place, yet they somehow manage to be patient and not sway too far into one genre

  • Vocalist and drummer Jeff Ayers, Jr. has a calming and strong voice. His clean tone is distinct and uplifting with slight moments of welcome desperation

  • Be sure to listen to the "gapless" version of this album, where the entire album is condensed into 1 track. It's gets even more consuming not knowing where you are, just let the progressive rock flow

  • Spirit of the Void is produced, mixed and mastered by guitarist Davis Templeton, which is pretty damn impressive. The in-house production gives them total control of their unique vision and enables them to push forward with future albums


Track List:

1. Ashes Pt. 1 (2:23)

2. Ashes Pt. 2 (2:27)

3. Spirit of the void (6:53)

4. Nowhere's home (2:15)

5. Untethered (5:18)

6. Swamp stomp (5:46)

7. Dust (2:38)

8. Behold the stone (6:43)

9. Nomadic (9:01)


Standout Track(s):

Spirit of the Void

The progressive opening is so engrossing, making it easy to keep turning up the volume. The song keeps evolving into an all out proggy stoner entity with slightly echoed vocals that blend perfectly into the music.

Nowhere's Home

A short tune with an addictive meditative rhythm. Wishing it was a bit longer, but we'll take it.

Swamp Stomp

This perfectly titled song hits all the right notes with heavy fuzz and bluesy stoner rock.


Brew Pairing

Lets go with a local brew to Stonekind. Freak of Nature IPA by Wicked Weed Brewing in North Carolina. This 8.5% IPA hits with a dry hoppy flavor of citrus and is quite smooth.

Stonekind are:

Jeff Ayers, Jr - Drums, Vocals

Davis Templeton - Guitars, Bass

Follow Stonekind: Bandcamp / Facebook

The Space Huns


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