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Spire Shards (From the fire in me…)

Crank this to 8.2 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Post Hardcore

Sounds Like: La Dispute, Drive Like Jehu, Ink n’ Dagger

Homeland: Lille, France

Spire Shards

Track Overview:

1. Atre (4:33)

Gritty instrumental with elaborate and engaging percussion.

2. Cure (3:36)

Tremendous pain exudes on this track, quick build-up.

3. Ease the pain (5:23) Standout Track

Majestic schilling guitars and one hell of a sad hook, heartfelt and deeply rooted track.

4. Ruined shelter (5:01)

Wild vocals on this track, death metal bellowing, immersed in overcast math rock, creative stuff.

5. Naive letter (3:38)

Gautier onslaught of bass and vocal , powerful ending


Album Nuggets

  • Spire Shards second release contains some bold angles and dark reflections.... post hardcore with heavy math rock tilts

  • Unpolished production and compact fury paint some very unusual sounds, this EP is the perfect length

  • The EP is the “is a first part of a diptych about how solitude can consume you and that screaming for help is not a failure


Brew Pairing

Lets go with a French cider known for its powerful 11% ABV. Antoine Marois Blizzard Cidre de Glace hailing from Cambremer, France pours golden to orange with no head, aroma of apples, floral notes, flavor is sweet with lemon, apples, acidity, honey flavors, medium to full bodied that will warm the pallet for some quality French hardcore and math rock elements.

Spire Shards are

Gautier (bass & vocals)

Laurent (guitar & backing vocals)

Antoine (guitar)

Aurélien - Dib Bazz (drums)

Follow Spire Shards: Bandcamp / Facebook


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