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Spiral Skies (Death Is But A Door)

Crank this to 8.9 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Psychedelic, Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Lucifer, Alunah, Kadavar

Homeland: Stockholm, Sweden

Spiral Skies

Album Overview

  • Spiral Skies return with their 7th release of psychedelic rich metal

  • Death Is But A Door has this haunting psychedelic rock aura. The album is not extremely heavy, but has a dark feel, which stems from the lyrics

  • Singer Frida Eurenius has a swagger about her singing that is addicting. She has this resemblance to Lucifers' Johanna Sadonis with inflections of Grace Slick

  • There is a 70s trippy vibe on this album, the production is raw that will translate flawlessly in live shows

  • Spiral Skies do a wonderful job at creating their own signature sound in the heavy psych genre. This could be one of the more original psychedelic metal albums to hit our rotation so far this year.


Track Listing:

1. The Endless Sea 5:11

2. While the Devil Is Asleep 4:02

3. Into the Night 4:24

4. Somewhere in the Dark 3:33

5. Heart of Darkness 4:43

6. Nattmaran 5:51

7. Time 5:27

8. Mirage 5:03

9. Mirror of Illusion 5:20


Standout Track(s)

While The Devil Is Asleep

This track is flat out addicting, the chorus will stick with you. We love the contrast this song brings as it travels through soft psychedelic moments to heavy blues jam, plus her vocals are perfection in this tune.

Heart of Darkness

This song shows a bit more of the darker side of Spiral Skies. its heavy and bluesy, the rhythm at the 2:13 mark is fucking brilliant.


Brew Pairing

If you have a love for sours, check out Complimentary Colors by Collective Art Brewing. This 6.5% Sour. The brew hits with various flavors of berries and lots of malt for balance. It's thick, but not over the top. Pair this brew with a cool night bonfire and you have the perfect atmosphere for Death Is But A Door.

Spiral Skies are:

Frida Eurenius - Vocals

Dan Svanljung - Guitar, Organ, Piano, Didgeridoo

Jonas Lyander - Guitar

Eric Sandberg - Bass

Daniel Bäckman - Drums, Percussion

Follow Spiral Skies: Bandcamp / Facebook


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