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Sons of Alpha Centauri (Push)

Crank this to 9.2 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Hard rock

Sounds Like: Deftones, Quicksand, Far

Homeland: England, UK

Sons of Alpha Centauri

Album Overview

  • Vocal legend Jonah Matranga (from the band Far) joins forces with the veteran instrumental act SOAC

  • Keeping that 90s grunge anthemic rock alive in the modern day

  • Jonah is a refreshing addition to a stellar instrumental act. We hope this has staying power

  • Power-chord driven energy from start to finish

  • Absolutely love this new direction. What a fucking pleasant surprise!


Track Breakdown:

1. Get the Guns (4:14)

Heaviest track on the album.

2. Listen (3:44)

Rich with Deftones vibes.

3. The Enemy (4:33)

Superb tempo changes, engaging as all fuck

4. Push (3:23)

Grinding old-school Far flavor

5. Buried Under (3:24)

Brilliant melodies, last 30 seconds could be most powerful on the album.

6. Boys and Girls (3:23)

Straight-forward and simplistic harmony.

7. Saturn (3:54)

Mellowest track of the lot.

8. Dark Night (4:26) Standout Track

Incredibly powerful finish. Love the unique angles to this cut. Infectious to the bone.

9. Own (3:30)

Anthemic and spacial exit.


Brew Pairing

Greater Good out of Worcester Massachusetts have some of the strongest IPA's we have ever dove into. Consistently over the 8% ABV mark, the brewery delivers some of the smoothest pints around. Greylock Imperial New England IPA is a tremendous match for SOAC and their new vocal tangent. At 12% ABV this fucker is smooth as can be. Greylock is curiously turbid and cloudy, with just the right amount of hoppiness, big aromatics, and tasty citrus flavor. Your palate will enjoy hints of fresh-squeezed grapefruit, orange and passionfruit.

SOAC are:

Jonah Matranga (vocals)

Marlon King (guitars)

Nick Hannon (bass)

Mitch Wheeler (drums)

Stevie B (drums)

Blake (electronics)

Follow SOAC: Facebook / Bandcamp


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