SlugWeed (The Irid Space Of Assertion)

Crank this to 7.8 of 11

Released: 2020

Genre: Noise rock ,Acid metal, Doom

Sounds Like: Boris, Bell Witch

Homeland: Bristol, New Hampshire


Track Overview:

1. Color Schemes (9:23) Standout Track

The fullest track of the lot, majestic doom riffs and dynamic percussion work. Clearly the best of the 3 tracks.

2. Operation Burn (8:29)

Minimalist monotone intro leads to a cymbal onslaught. The steady repetitive rhythms carry on and do not waiver.

3. Nightlight (14:58)

This one contains various background subtleties with creeping soundtrack vibes.


Album Nuggets

  • Acid noise metal minimalist barrage of fun

  • Productive one man band putting out a plethora of pieces. Check-out Mr. DeLouis’ extensive library

  • Relevant non-distracting darkness

  • We need to get over our psychological difficulties of embracing one-man bands


Brew Pairing

Kettlehead Brewing Company’s ‘Dorado Falcon + Nunchuck Pingpong’ double IPA at 8% ABV. Stoic blending Pale Ale and NE IPA recipes, hoppy nut goodness. Filled with New Hampshire goodness.

SlugWeed is:

Cameron DeLouis

Follow Dead Tears: Facebook / Bandcamp


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