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Six Sigma (Tuxedo Brown)

Crank this to 8.8 of 11

Released: 2017

Genre: Stoner Rock

Sounds Like: Core, The Atomic Bitchwax, Halfway to Gone

For those of you who follow the stoner rock community, you landed on this page because you’re thinking; “New Six Sigma?!” and yes after 17 years in hibernation, the three gents from the shores of New Jersey have finally released this sleeping giant. We’ve always had a love for the late nineties-early 2000s stoner rock era. Meteor City and GEMM were the places to discover these local, underground bands. We were able to discover new artists like Six Sigma and look beyond the heavyweights like Monster Magnet or Fu Manchu. They were great sites to fulfill our stoner rock needs. Soon, sites like and All That’s Heavy emerged and all hell broke loose for the stoner rock genre, it was bigger than ever.

Flash forward some 17 years and now anyone and their mom can release an album and get noticed. Upon first listen, this album has vintage Six Sigma written all over it. We wondered if this is new material or have these tunes been sitting around for over a decade and now revived. After some digging, we believe Tuxedo Brown was recorded sometime in 2001, but never saw the light of day. Plus, as we just mentioned it sounds very much like a follow up to their debut EP, The Spirit Is Gone, which still gets put on rotation from time to time among our editors.

What are the highlights of the album?

The third track “Curb Feeler” has everything going for it. A bit of Clutch groove coupled with vocals that are slightly echoed and a nice jam at the end… classic Six Sigma. “Black Sand Valley Cover Up” kind of reminds us of Core, yes another short-lived band from the late nineties era. And “Here’s Yer Stoner Anthem” has some classic stoner rock bounce that will no doubt stick with you.

How is the production value?

Tuxedo Brown is not over produced and has a somewhat homegrown quality about it. A big thank you to PledgeMuisc for releasing this album.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

Grab some Hobo Life by Massachusetts very own Lord Hobo Brewery. This Session IPA is great summer time brew and goes down smooth. Crank some Six Sigma with Hobo Life and it’s a winning combination.

Final thoughts on Tuxedo Brown.

We are stoked to have new Six Sigma in our lives, even if it’s 17 years later. For those who have enjoyed The Spirit Is Gone EP all these years will not be disappointed and newcomers will love their stoned blues groove. We’re hoping this album pushes them to release another album in the near future (not 17 years from now).


1. Tuxedo Brown 02:45

2. Here's Yer Stoner Anthem 04:14

3. Curb Feeler 04:30

4. Black Sand Valley Cover-Up 04:08

5. Scalawag 00:50

6. She Burn in Blues 08:37

7. Mean Streak 02:54

Band Members:

Vocals/guitar: Doug Timms

Bass: Scott Margolin

Drums: Mappy

Follow Six Sigma: Bandcamp / Facebook


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