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Sintage (The Sign)

Crank this to 7.5 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Heavy Metal

Sounds Like: Saviours, War Cloud, Accept

Homeland: Germany


Album Overview

  • Sintage bring back that raw 80's head bangin' metal attitude

  • With doses of classic metal riffs, thrash and fist pumping backing vocals, The Sign will have you reaching for that denim jacket with all the metal patches you kept all these years

  • Vocalist Randy has the chops to pull off this style of metal singing. He won't blow you away, but his rough vocal style fits well

  • For a debut EP this is some good raw metal shit and showcases the bands vision

  • The Sign may not be groundbreaking, but it sucks you in with aggressive hooks and glam-metal lyrics

  • When new bands go for this classic heavy metal sound, it better work, or it's cheesy as fuck. Sintage do a nice job, you can hear their influences from bands like old Def Leppard and Accept and even newer bands like Saviours or War Cloud


Track Listing:

1. The Sign 3:50

2. The Devil's Race 5:52

3. Nightcrime 3:43

4. Rock City 4:08

5. Street Law 2:54

6. Burning up the Night 4:15


Standout Track(s)

The Sign

The opening song drives right to the point, you'll know exactly what lies ahead. If this style of metal is up your alley, then the swift guitar licks will have you hooked within the first minute.


This song just rocks... turn to 11.


Brew Pairing

Nothing too crafty is needed to go along with this album. Perhaps a sixer of classic Pabst Blue Ribbon. A solid light beer that pairs well with The Sign.

Sintage are:

Randy - Vocals, Bass

Andi - Pounding Drums

Julez - Guitar

Follow Sintage: Bandcamp


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