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Schubmodul (Modul I)

Crank this to 8.3 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock, Progressive

Sounds Like: Black Sky Giant, Glowsun, Karma to Burn

Homeland: Germany


Album Overview

  • Hailing from Germany, Schubmodul shine on their debut album

  • Modul l takes instrumental stoner rock on a slightly different path with chunks of progressive rock thrown in

  • Monumental riffs provide the album with its beautiful flow as it drifts along through spatial stoner bliss

  • The tight percussion brings out the dense side of the album and the bass is very deep and grounding

  • While there is an abundance of instrumental stoner rock out there, these guys do just enough to grab a hold of us. Get on this one, it will enhance your heavy rotation


Track Listing:

1. Andromeda 5:48

2. Laser Eel 5:30

3. Bretto Kompletto 6:06

4. Sunrider 4:45

5. Cosmic Haze Keeper 4:48

6. Cappadocia Handels 5:21

7. Time Collapse 4:29


Standout Track(s)


This track melds crisp progressive rock with traditional stoner. It's an ambitious track with tons of energy and bouncing rhythm.


Brew Pairing

Up Up and Away by Magnified Brewing in New Jersey. This 8.5% IPA is hopped heavily with Citra and Huell Melon and double dry hopped with tons of galaxy as well as Citra and Simcoe lupulin powder.

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