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Sahara (lll: Hell On Earth)

Crank this to 7.9 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock, Metal

Sounds Like: Electric Citizen, Witch, Mephistofeles

Homeland: Argentina


Album Overview

  • Sahara from Argentina bring forth a raw as fuck stoner doom album with plenty of jamming

  • The vocals of Martin Ludi are extremely muffled and distorted, which adds to the no frills live studio sound. At first listen it felt a bit difficult to distinguish if the vocals were male or female

  • The band also show a punk side that complements the stoner doom, a nice variety of styles we don't hear too often

  • The acoustic ditty of "Blue Shift" is perfectly placed as it wipes the palette clean and gears you up for the lengthy stoner doom of "Trapped Down"


Track Listing:

1. Hell on Earth 3:53

2. The Curse 4:11

3. Altar of Sacrifice 2:08

4. El Diablo 4:34

5. Blue Shift 2:34

6. Trapped Down 9:13

7. La Soga 4:44

8. Dangerous 8:09


Standout Track(s)

Altar of Sacrifice

The rhythm on this track has us fired up. Sounds like chaotic thumping of The Jesus Lizard meets stoner rock.


A straight up badass jam. It's thick, fuzzy and the last couple minutes showcase tremendous percussion and bass with a standout psychedelic solo. Feels like a on-the-fly jam session.


Brew Pairing

Lets go with Xocoveza Tres Leches
 by Stone Brewing. This American Imperial Stout hits with notes of chocolate, vanilla and nutmeg. A great pairing with III: Hell on Earth.

Sahara are:

Martin Ludi - Guitar, Vocals

Gabriel Ravera - Bass guitar, Vocals

Ivan Sacharczuk - Drums

Follow Sahara: Bandcamp / Facebook


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