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Saber (Without Warning)

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Released: 2021

Genre: Heavy Metal

Sounds Like: White Wizzard, Hammerfall, Glory Hammer

Homeland: Los Angeles, California


Track Overview:

1. Storm Of Steel 03:59

A swift speed metal track with some glorious galloping rhythms and high pitched soaring lead vocals.

2. Without Warning 04:16

Carrying the torch from the first song... more 90s inspired British metal.

3. Midnight Rider 04:35

This track has some 80's hair metal influence.

4. Strike Of The Witch 03:43

Nothing new here, the chorus seems to run its course after a while.

5. Outlaw 03:46

This track has some sort of old Queensryche meets 80's hair metal aura.

6. Leather Laced Lady 02:35

By this point of the album we would not expect anything else, but more epic power metal.

7. We'll Meet Again 02:46

The overwhelming power vocals just take over the song.

8. Speed Racer 03:36 Standout Track

Nice thrash styled metal happening here. definitely the standout track.


Album Nuggets

  • The lead vocals are powerful as the singer has pipes and can carry a note for days. Sometimes they feel a bit too overwhelming and bury the music.

  • There is some amazing shredding going on throughout the album in classic metal fashion.

  • Without Warning is fun for a bit and nostalgic. After a few rotations in we had the urge to dig deep into our library of NWOBHM bands.


Brew Pairing

Linear Ashes lager by Wayfinder Brewing in Oregon. This 5.5% lager has some orange flavors and is a bit sweet. A nice pairing for Without Warning.

Weird Tales are:

Joel - Guitar

Hat - Guitar

Steven - Vocals

David - Bass

Follow Saber: Bandcamp / Facebook


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