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Rifft (Something Other Than the Earth)

Crank this to 9.1 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2016

Genre: Doom, Metal

Sounds Like: Crowbar, Black Tusk, Pallbearer


Hailing from good old Nashville Tennessee, this foursome is the furthest thing from country. The band infuses some very impressive doom metal with a unique blend of ranging vocals. In fact, the opener "Perception of the Blind" starts off with what sounds like Barry Manilow (in a very good way mind you) meets Asia providing a very warm lofty feel that eventually morphs into some angrier tones. The track features some tremendous guitar rhythms and melodies. A very entertaining start to what is a terrific debut.

The title track features some classic vocal distortion and then crashes into Crowbaresque anger. Death metal vocals ensue with pristine clarity coupled with an onslaught of percussion. The production on this album is exceptional. Kudos to Mikey Allred at Dark Art Audio. Check-out the beautiful harmonies that close this track off in the last minute. Yes…we said beautiful. Rifft is a band with tremendous range.

"The Two That Became None" delivers weeping guitars along with more high ranging vocals. After several listens we found this track even more anthemic. Significant change-ups make as featured on this track make Rifft different from your average doom metal band. They instill a vibrant touch to make this album.

"Demon of the Maddening Light" entails a much more classic doom feel. We enjoy the focus on percussion but get a little dejected by the 5 minutes of feedback to end the album. An old trick, so be warned the EP is actually only about 25 minutes.

Track Listing:

1. Perception of the Blind (8:03)

2. Something Other Than The Earth (4:53)

3. The Two That Became None (4:58)

4. Demon of the Maddening Light (11:15)

Total Running Time = 29:09

Bottom line is that Rifft’s debut album is very entertaining. Outside of the closing feedback/fuzz ‘Something Other Than The Earth’ is a diverse doom journey. Pick it up on BandCamp as it is a “name your price offering”. Had this been a full price EP we would have had no qualms shelling out the additional dollars. Good stuff. - 5/18/2016

Standout Tracks: Perception of the Blind, Something Other Than The Earth


Jason: Drums;

Cody: Guitar/Vocals;

Jeremiah: Bass, Samples;

Trey: Guitar/Vocals

Follow Rifft: Bandcamp / Facebook


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