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Alastor (Salve To The Grave)

Crank this to 9 of 11

Released: 2018

Genre: Heavy psych rock, Doom

Sounds Like: Salems Pot, Windhand, Electric Wizard

Weighing in at nearly 71 minutes, Australia's Adrift For Days' 2010 saga Lunar Mariais certainly worth your time. Our primary motivation for reviewing this album is in anticipation of their newest album to be release in a few months. We find the champions in this genre are often the most patient. The Aussies certainly take their time to let the music breathe. The highest peaks get pretty intense but the tempos remain overtly methodical and the inclination towards bellowing bass resonates throughout.

Band Members:

Mick Kaslik- Vocals

Matt Williams- Bass

Steve Kachiyan- Percussion

Lachlan Doomsdale- Guitars

Ron Prince- Guitars

Kaslik is what makes Adrift a bit different from the typical doom metal band. He creates variety via various inflections and tones variety as his vocals at times morph from the feel of Acid Bath's Dax Riggs to Phil Anselmo's Down. He does a wonderful job ebbing from creeping whispers to raging intensity.

Track Listing:

1. Bury All that’s Chosen

2. Waxing/Waning

3. Messages Through Sleep

4. The Leech

5. Within these Walls

6. Along the Moon River

7. Waveform Collapse

The opener is very appealing and quintessential doom where the repetition hooks are just enough to put you in that euphoric state. Tracks 2 and 7 are absolute wastes, "Waxing/Waning" being an interlude and "Waveform Collapse" being 12 minutes of bullshit feedback. It's this filler crap that costs this album an editor's pick unfortunately.

In "Message Through Sleep" Kaslik is at it again, now utilizing even deeper whispers. What a poignant track as the soft subtle bass melodies and post rock elements spark a very unique doom experience.

"The Leech" features some very odd vocal diversity. An onslaught of howling and layered vocals build to a very dramatic tempo change at about the 3 minute mark. The bluesy appeal of Adrift emerges.

"Within These Walls" is loaded with Acid Bath influences and great highs and lows. A great lead in to the best track on the album "Along the Moon River". This track is a must for any doom metal or post rock experimental fan. 18 minutes of mood setting build-up that will push the limits of your speakers. The track gets eerily demonic as guttural screams transcend the track into black metal territory at about the 15 minute mark.  

We are fired up for Adrift For Days upcoming release. Certainly checkout the band's 2012 sophomore release Come Midnight. We are thinking this long hiatus will translate into some impressive work. Adrift For Days personify why we love this genre. Hopefully they will take our advice and leave out the filler songs as it cost them an editor's pick on this one. -6/10/2016

Standout Tracks: Within These Walls, Along the Moon River

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