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Regnvm Animale (Ignés Sacer)

Crank this to 8.8 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Black Metal

Sounds Like: Krallice, Solstafir

Homeland: Stockholm, Sweden

Regnvm Animale

Track Overview:

1. Att Leva Utan Sjalvaktning (2:27)

Dark anguish with a unique groovy hop to it. Yup odd, but it works.

2. Interregnum (5:28) Standout Track

Love the infusion of acoustic guitar. Perfect display of Regnvm Animale's balance.

3. Ignis Sacer (6:05)

Bjorklund is fucking phenomenal with the bass work at the 4 min mark. Love the spoken word on this one.

4. Missvaxt (6:30)

Catchy fucking melody. This track has a familiar sound that we just can't put our finger on. Big time Solstafir vibe.

5. Suveranitetserosion (6:42)

Swift percussion drives this tune. Plus, there seems to be some old school despereate hardcore to be found here. We could do without the sudden fade out near the end as it comes out of nowhere.


Album Nuggets

  • Black metal with a grass roots metal undercurrent

  • Waldenström ability to balance pain and beauty is triumphant

  • Tremendous innovation on the percussion side. Kudos to Fallahi

  • Feels good to come across a black metal album that has balance and is not overbearing

  • Production is mediocre but the talent of the foursome makes up for the unpolished edges

  • Refreshing and original if you want something to challenge your library


Brew Pairing

Checkout Kissmeyer Icons- Stockholm syndrome imperial DIPA. At 9.5% ABV this is an intense, full bodied and massive double/imperial IPA, but in its young life with an explosion of fruity hop aromas and flavours, and later in life with vineous and woody complexity. Huge, but incredibly smooth and balanced bitterness, the perfect texture for the 5 innovative tracks on Ignes Sacer.

Regnvm Animale are:

Jens Waldenström - vocals & lyrics

Eldar Fallahi - drums & production

Nayeem Mahbub - lead & rhythm guitar

Jörgen Björklund - bass, rhythm guitar & additional vocals

Follow Regnvm Animale: Bandcamp / Facebook


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