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Ravager (The Third Attack)

Crank this to 8.6 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Thrash metal

Sounds Like: Kreator, Coroner

Homeland: Germany


Album Overview

  • This is pure adrenaline infused old school thrash metal

  • Vocalist Philip Herbst does a nice job keeping pace with the trash metal. His style is a mix of metal meets hardcore/punk

  • Ravanger also throw in some timely background vocals, which fits perfectly into the old school metal feel

  • The rhythms found on this album are ridiculous. The combination of speed metal guitars and technical percussion makes for an addicting album. Any thrash lover will gravitate to this

  • Album artwork done by the talented Timon Kokott

  • The Third Attack is the fourth album released by Ravanger. They just keep on pouring out classic thrash albums. Check out their entire library



1. Intruders (2:18)

2. Planet Hate (4:42)

3. Back In The Real World (4:25)

4. Priest Of Torment (4:44)

5. A Plague Is Born (4:40)

6. The Third Attack (2:17)

7. Beyond Reality (3:27)

8. My Own Worst Enemy (3:52)

9. King Of Kings (3:03)

10. Destroyer (8:06)


Standout Tracks:


The length of this track had us nervous. At 8 minutes long would there be filler at the end. Well, this song fucking slays as it's one of the standout tracks. You'll find a lot of metal jamming on this track, plus they end the song with a nice F-bomb.

Back In The Real World

This song has some great lyrics. Could this be the thrash song of the year? It's very entertaining.

The Third Attack

2 minutes of swift metal frenzy with echoed vocals... enough said.

Beyond Reality

Thrash metal gold, its a fantastic tune.


Brew Pairing

We have to go with Space Station Middle Finger by 3 Floyds Brewing Co. This 6% Pale Ale is smooth with hints of citrus and a bit hoppy. A great pairing with the trash style of The Third Attack.

Ravager are:

Marcel Lehr (Guitars)

Dario Rosenberg (Guitars)

André Sawade (Drums)

Philip Herbst (Vocals)

Follow Ravanger: Facebook / Bandcamp


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