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Queen Elephantine (Scarab)

Turn this to 4 of 11

Released: 2013

Genre: Doom, Drone

Sounds Like: Om, YOB, Electric Wizard

Queen Elephantine

Believe us we get the whole doom metal sludge rock thing. We understand the simplicity in utilizing the droning 3 bass chords. We get the minimalistic approach and dark artistry that some key bands have been blessed with. Our lives have been enhanced by spending many hours listening to the simplistic beauty and ominous doom metal of genre leaders Sleep, Om and Electric Wizard.

Please welcome Queen Elephantine and their 4th album Scarab. The 50-minute album contains the following tracks:

Veil (8:12)

Crone (18:16)

Snake (10:44)

Clear Light of the Unborn (13:05)

We have had Queen Elephantine in our rotation for quite some time and realized you need to be in a meditative state of mind to endure this entire album. The Hong Kong meets Brooklyn doom explorers features two drummers along with lead guitarist Indrayudh Shome from Hong Kong.

In an nutshell, Scarab is powered by the opening track "Veil" and meanders along thereafter. "Veil" is a good doom metal song and will keep your interest. It contains a variety of layers and begins to paint some imagery and focus. The evil monotone vocals provide some flavor and round out the track. We find several change-ups on this track as well. Now enter "Crone" and the album really starts to spiral into meditative drone . The last two cuts, "Snake" and "Clear Light of the Unborn" are extremely coma inducing, with collectively 23 minutes of filler droning with very little change-ups or inflection. We don't encourage playing this album while driving.

Doom metal is all about mood setting and building mystique and different layers. It requires patience and an ear for the full body of work. Doom metal fans who listen to drone may be all over this, unfortunately we cannot survive listening to Scarab in one sitting.

Standout Tracks: Veil

Follow Queen Elephantine: Bandcamp / Facebook


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