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Queen Crescent (ST)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2015

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock

Sounds Like: Jess and the Ancient Ones, Black Sabbath

Queen Crescent

On our continuous search for obscure rock music we come across many bands who inject life into their respective genres and stand out amongst the crowd. Welcome Queen Crescent from Oakland/San Francisco, California. This four-piece all female heavy psyche rock band has definitely added some new flavors to the ever-evolving psychedelic and stoner rock world.

Their debut full length, simply titled Queen Crescent was recorded in full analog at Louder Studios by Tim Green who has also worked with bands such as The Melvins, Earthless, and Comets on Fire. As a result from being recorded in analog, these seven acid-soaked songs are not over produced, they have a live studio feel which helps their sound as they bring forth an early 70s heavy vibe.

Track Listing:

1. In the Court of the Crescent Queen - 2:08

2. Majic Moonjynuh - 4:46

3. Culture Vulture - 4:34

4. Ancestors - 4:36

5. Black Acid - 6:41

6. Waking the Tigress - 3:28

7. I Wish a Muthafucka Would - 6:52

Opening the album is a quick intro to the world of Queen Crescent, perhaps the title is a homage to King Crimson, not sure, but we like where it takes us. The one element we noticed on this intro was the subtle use of the flute, it’s an instrument that is underutilized in the hard rock world. We must mention the flute is integral to the entire album and at times dominates the essence of the music and clearly elevates the band. Melissa Vu is damn impressive on the flute as she makes it work amongst all the heaviness.

The next track, “Majic Moonjynuh” really kicks things off and we get a taste for what is in store for the rest of the album, it’s a heavy psychedelic trip. The lead vocalist of Andrea Genevieve are slightly echoed and resemble a darker version of Chrissy Hines, she really helps bring out that 70s feel. Her guitar playing is tremendous, it has a heavy, dense, bluesy vibe to it. The bass and drums also help accentuate the deep, rich psychedelics being thrown at us. Track two, “Culture Vulture” has more of a fluent vibe, the underlying flute is terrific and the bass has this odd aquatic sound at times. Next is “Ancestors” which starts with a nice howl and ties into the end of the previous song, we love how songs can run into one another flawlessly. This song so fucking good, the vocals of Andrea and Melissa are infectious and trippy, great lyrics also, dare we say this goes into Graveyard territory, it sure does.

If you’re on the fence with this album, “Black Acid,” the second longest song is sure to lure you in. The guitar has a classic stoner rock vibe and the song travels through many high and low moments. The hallucinogenic rhythm at the 3:15 mark is great, too bad it doesn’t last longer. The instrumental “Waking the Tigress” is very calming, it almost boarders on some Middle Eastern sounds. This will take to the last song “I Wish a Muthafucka Would”. This one is very lively and it has bluesy side to it. This track embodies everything we like about Queen Crescent and the last half is an all-out jam, a very fitting end to a terrific album.

Queen Crescent has given us something fresh in the stoner and psychedelic rock world. Their approach with alluring lead vocals, trippy flute playing, and a powerful rhythm section is down right refreshing. We have yet to witness them live, but anticipate that it would be quite the surreal experience.

Standout Tracks: Ancestors, Black Acid, Majic Moonjynuh

Band Members:

Andrea Genevieve - guitar and vocals

Melissa Vu - flute and vocals

Enajite Loicy Pela – bass

Amy Martinez - drums

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