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Pupil Slicer (Mirrors)

Crank this to 8.6 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Hardcore, Extreme metal, Mathcore

Sounds Like: ZAO, The Chariot, iwrestledabearonce

Homeland: London, UK

Pupil Slicer

Track Overview:

1. Martyrs (3:49)

Don't be fooled by the first 43 seconds of the song. The atmospheric opening leads to an all consuming and chaotic metal frenzy of extreme hardcore to extreme mathcore and whatever falls in between. Love the dual vocals of Kate and Luke, they bounce from Death metal to grindcore. You'll know if this for you from the get go... the album does not waiver one bit.

2. Stabbing Spiders (0:47)

47 seconds of thrilling chaos... embrace it.

3. L'Appel Du Vide (3:36)

Great bass work in the beginning by Luke Fabian. Than an onslaught of intense vocal madness and hits you.

4. Panic Defence (1:32)

A short and heavy punishing song.

5. Husk (3:30)

Classic mathcore with some old school hardcore vocal work nestled into the mix. The second half of the song chugs along with some really heavy rhythms, terrific change up.

6. Vilified (1:30)

Unrelenting percussion with vocals to match... this song is extreme mathcore genius.

7. Worthless (2:30)

At this point of the album, we're not sure how they can keep this chaotic metal going, but it works. They keep injecting new and fresh stuctures into the album.

8. Wounds Upon My Skin (4:01)

Impressive vocals here folks. Love the psychedelic drop-off at the 1 minute mark. The trippy vocals of Kate mixes up the feel.

9. Interlocutor (1:16)

More progressive hardcore to sink your teeth into.

10. Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television (6:59) Standout Track

Running at nearly seven minutes, this track has it all; it's dark, fucked up and heavy. If you listen to the rhythm section carefully, we hear a bit of Fudge Tunnel influence.

11. Save The Dream, Kill Your Friends (1:42)

Back to another short and sweet chaotic tune.

12. Collective Unconscious (6:27) Standout Track Wow! The beginning hits on all levels. Love the trippy feel of the song. The guitar strumming in the midst of the hardcore is a great touch. The song eventually hits Alcest territories, which is an impressive feat to pull off.


Album Nuggets

  • Mirrors takes the mathcore/extreme hardcore genres to a new level

  • At times, we hear Pupil Slicer take their music into post-metal territories

  • The vocal prowess of Kate is very impressive. Upon fist listen, we had now idea the lead vocals were female... what a talent!

  • Pupil Slicer have tremendous chemistry. Their spiraling extreme style of hardcore is fresh and very exhilarating


Brew Pairing

Grab some seasonal Fallstreak IPA by Definitive Brewing in Maine. This 7.4% IPA has tastes and aromas of pineapple flesh and piña coladas. A very unique IPA

Pupil Slicer are:

Kate Davies – Guitars & Vocals

Josh Andrews – Drums

Luke Fabian – Bass & Backing Vocals

Follow Pupil Slicer: Facebook / Bandcamp


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