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Progenie Terrestre Pura (oltreLuna)

Crank this to 8.9 of 11

Released: 2017

Genre: Post Metal

Sounds Like: Cult of Luna, Oranssi Pazuzu, Alcest

The Post-metal genre is loaded with an abundance of artists trying to expand the realms of this style of music. While many seem to have the same formula with the typical death-like vocals and the full-bodied metal sound, we look for bands who truly branch out and explore, it’s what keeps the genre alive. Welcome Progenie Terrestre Pura from Italy, the trio has awakened our passion for Post-metal with their latest album oltreLuna.

Do Progenie Terrestre Pura bring anything new to the post-metal genre?

Upon first listen we were quite intrigued, which is the first sign of something special. We had no desire to skip through the album just for preview sake; the songs structures are so involved. The band travels through various forms of metal, from Post-metal shoegaze to apocalyptic sci-fi doom, it’s quite the experience. The vocals are in typical black metal form, yet they blend in well to the surrounding metal. At various moments throughout, we are treated to some world music-like chants, flutes and some tribal percussion to add even more intrigue to the album. There were times when the album almost goes into industrial territory, but they knew when to pull back, a little taste of this style is just fine.

Highlights of the Album:

The first three tracks “.Pianeta.Zero.,” “.subLuce.,” and “.oltreLuna.” are amazing songs of pure apocalyptic wonderment. These songs are not only exploratory in nature, but they expand greatly on the post-metal sound, which is exactly what we look for. It’s basically impossible to break down these tracks, we won’t do the album justice.

Production Value:

The production from Ex Oblivion Studios is top notch. To capture the amount of detail that went into the songwriting is impressive.

Adult Beverage Pairing:

Defiantly try and get your hands on some Hammer of the Beast ale by Clownshoes Brewery. This 12% (ABV) ale is a limited release and will compliment Progenie Terrestre Pura very well.

Final Thoughts:

Progenie Terrestre Pura has a monster of an album here that is all consuming. After one listen, we found it rather difficult to put anything else on, our minds were wound up. We highly recommend throwing on some Dan Fogelberg after listening to olreLuna, the soft 70s adult contemporary music helps cleanse the mind and reboot.


1. Pianeta.Zero 07:57

2. subLuce 08:11

3. oltreLuna 11:35

4. Deus.Est.Machina 12:28

5. Proxima-B 15:19

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