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Pollen (Mutualism)

Turn this to 8.1 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Post rock, Progressive, Instrumental

Sounds Like: Falconer, Pagan’s Mind, Animals as Leaders

Homeland: Yverdon Les Bains, Switzerland


Track Overview:

1. Synbiosis (4:45)

Crisp headphone experience, cacophony of sound, rich synth, pinpoint percussion, splashes of spoken word.

2. Fleur (5:13)

Beautiful melodies on this one, the most pensive track of the lot.

3. Crevasse (3:48) Standout Track

Percussion work here is absolutely amazing, terrific contrast and build, Crevasse is sensational.

4. Oak (3:44)

Keyboards are featured on this one, excellent closing track and warm feel.


Album Nuggets

  • Tight and entertaining debut EP

  • Blissful production with pinpoint clarity

  • Complex movements showing quite a bit of balance between fretwork, keys, and percussion

  • The creative percussive work steals the show ultimately


Brew Pairing

How about a nice pale lager to comfort you with this precision post rock EP. Quöllfrisch Hell from Appenzeller Beer is Switerland is characterised by its mild and slightly fruity flavor. Brewed from Pilsner malt and three different varieties of hops from Stammheim and Hallertau this one eases you in at 4.8% ABV.

Pollen are:

Joan Liechti, Nathan Botelho, Théo Dikötter

Follow Pollen: Bandcamp / Facebook


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