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Pessimista (Ocaso)

Crank this to 7.1 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Black metal

Sounds Like: Gorgoroth, Blut Aus Nord

Homeland: Brazil


Track Overview:

1. Tempestade de emotes e pensamentos (2:29)

A calming entrance with overcast skies, not too annoying as intros typically go.

2. Se Icro soubesse o quest see agora (6:58) Standout Track

Unique trailing guitar work at the 2:45 mark got us juiced, last 3 mins of this track are best of the album.

3. Dia e noite numa briga eterna (8:40)

Percussive onslaught here, with some impressive change-ups, lack of vocal variation starts to wear. Elements of punk hit at the 6 min mark.

4. Culto a Punicao (8:47)

Darkest track of the lot. A bit rough around the edges.

5. Sinto sua dor no por do sol (9:04)

The second best track on the album, they bring things back to earth here, solid closer.


Album Nuggets

  • Black metal with a positive message

  • Caustic tones by design modern black metal tilts with some patches of breath

  • Track four brings our rating down, offbeat and melodically challenged

  • Overall very talented crew here. Tracks 2 and 5 are above average and quite involved.

  • Mediocre vocals but solid fretwork and percussion

  • Its a ‘Name Your Price’ on BandCamp. The one man show has put a lot into this one, send some dollars his way


Brew Pairing

A dark rich brooding beer from Brazil that fits well amongst the five tracks is Cacador Xingu Black Beer at 6% ABV this is a rich and smooth dark venture.

Pessimista is:

Jaketeme Zapelloni - All instruments

Follow Pessimista: Facebook / Bandcamp


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