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Out Of Space (Invaders)

Crank this to 8 of 11

Released: 2015

Genre: Stoner Rock

Sounds Like: Queens of the Stoneage, Failure, Nebula

Out Of Space

Out Of Space hailing from Lyon, France has just released their debut EP Invaders. Let’s first get the comparisons out of the way, the EP has a heavy Queens of the Stone Age vibe to it, especially on the first two songs. This by no means a deterrent, the influence is the raw vibe Queens had with the first album. The music is tight at times while at others times it can be open-ended. The vocals are straight forward and upfront, carrying the music very well and is suited nicely for this style of music. It may not be the most original stoner rock we have laid our ears on, but they have what it takes to put their own spin into the genre.

Track Listing:

1. Bloody Road 03:53

2. Lined Coin 03:53

3. Psycho Jake 05:33

4. Riot 04:22

5. Desert In Bloom 15:52

The first two songs “Bloody Road” and “Lined Coin” have a Queens of the Stone Age vibe to them, they are smooth tracks laced with stoner rock goodness. “Bloody Road” is raw and swift and the rhythm change ups are very infectious. “Lined Coin” has more of a laid back approach, the vocals are more relaxed here, showing some range right off the bat. “Psycho Jake” is next and this one is terrific as it’s one of the standout tracks. They introduce a more open-structured approach here and it’s a welcome change of pace. The deep luscious bass and steady drumming helps create this expansive song, both vocalists also add to the expansiveness, it sounds like Failure stepped into the stoner rock world. The band definitely shines on this song.

The second to last track “Riot” is very thick and crunchy. We actually hear a little Jerry Cantrell in the vocals at times, which is ok in our book. It’s a highly entertaining track. The last song “Desert In Bloom” is the highlight of the album. The band takes their time with this one. The easygoing, lofty beginning is very absorbing and the bass is exceptional here. The song will soon travel between heavy sonic rhythms and soft trippy compositions, the inspiring dueling vocals also give the song its appeal. There is so much going on here, you must listen to appreciate.

We are starting to see the rise of a great music scene in France these days. The region seems to have given us some great bands over the past year as the next one to keep an eye on is Out Of Space.

Standout Tracks: Psycho Jake, Desert In Bloom

Band Members:

Nicolas Nguyen - Vocals, Guitars

Guillaume Hugonot - Bass, Vocals.

Kevin Mendlola - Drums

Follow Out Of Space: Bandcamp / Facebook


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