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Oreyeon (Equations For The Useless)

Crank this to 8.4 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Space doom

Sounds Like: DVNE, Forming the Void, Low Orbit

Homeland: Italy


Album Overview

The Italian foursome have returned with an ambitious album loaded with ethereal heaviness. Equations for the Useless, the bands third release, shows more patience and growth while taking you on a journey into their spacious doom minds.


Oreyeon brings forth a comforting style of spacious metal. It needs to be played at high volumes to really appreciate and feel the heaviness. The massive production creates a sprawling sound, plus the little nuances discovered throughout give the album lasting appeal. You will not hear many stand out solos here and when they arrive, they are nestled perfectly into the music. The percussion is solid and steady creating a rich heavy layer.


Bassist and vocalist Richard Silvaggio carries this calming, yet strong echoed tone throughout. His style is clean and not of the typical sludge screams.


The artwork is perfect for this album. The amazing vision of freelance artist SoloMacello really captures their style.


Track Listing:

1. It Was Time 06:35

2. Pazuzu 4:11

3. Equations for the Useless 9:53

4. If 7:25

5. Downward Spirals 7:52

6. The Protocol 5:53


Standout Track(s)

Downward Spirals

The flow of this track is all consuming. It's heavy, spacious with thick fuzz. The change is rhythm at the 6:00 minute marks is sensational.


Brew Pairing

Grab some Gateway Dinosaur by Modern Times Brewing in California. This 6.7% IPA hits with a vortex of pineapple and fresh citrus. A refreshing and vibrant IPA to go along with Equations for the Useless.

Oreyeon are:

Richard Silvaggio - Bass/Vocals

Andrea Ricci - Guitar

Matteo Signanini - Guitar

Pietro Virgilio - Drums

Follow Oreyeon: Bandcamp / Facebook


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