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Opium Grave (Deathly Mesmerism)

Turn this to 2 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Black Metal, Goth

Sounds Like: Dark Funeral, Grima, Watain

Homeland: Melbourne, Austrailia

Opium Grave

Track Overview:

1. Beyond The City Of Sepulchres (10:10)

Metal genres collide as Black metal meets Goth metal. We love both genres, but this track is a bit painful to the ears. It all boils down to the production. The percussion has a low electronic feel and the vocals could be good if produced well.

2. Deathly Mesmerism (2:48)

A spoken word electronic interlude... move on.

3. Ghost Signal Emitters 10:32

Some decent wretched vocals with ominous echoes carry this song. The operatic Goth vocal moments are too upfront and take way from the gritty black metal feel.


Album Nuggets

  • One man band albums are tough to pull off. There is some creativity scattered throughout this album, but it just needs to harnessed.

  • This is the 16th release from Opium Grave, between singles, EPs and albums.

  • If this album was well produced, it could be something special. We need more bass to carry the album.


Brew Pairing

Drown out the sound with I Double Dare You Imperial Stout. Brewed by Andrson Craft beer in Estonia, this 13% Stout may help numb the brain while listening.

Opium Grave is:

Siliniez: all synthesizers, drums, organ, voices, lyrics and loathing.

Follow Opium Grave: Bandcamp


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