Old Tomb (Heir to the Cosmic Throne)

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Released: 2021

Genre: Doom

Sounds Like: Om, Electric Wizard, Weedeater

Homeland: Slovakia

Old Tomb

Track Overview:

1. Destroying of lb (6:10)

Love the switchover at the 3:20 mark, circular grinding movement hits you like a ton of bricks.

2. A Search and an Invocation (6:30) Standout Track

Fuzziest of the lot, plenty of air to breath, terrific song structure and patience.

3. I Am Providence (3:28)

Solid closer with pleasant melodies taking us out in peaceful darkness.


Album Nuggets

  • Fuzzy doom sludge dripping with goss

  • Tight as fuck, wish we had more than 15 minutes to work with but very solid blend of stoner doom

  • Rich melodies, the bright side of darkness delivered by the trio

  • Strong distant vocals compliment the spiraling fretwork and creative melodies

  • Its a ‘Name Your Price’ on BandCamp. Throw some nice dollars at these guys


Brew Pairing

Slovak Beer- 10° lager is as refreshing with warm tones and perfect for putting away 6 or 7 in a day. Distinctive hints of noble hops and the citrus-y middle make it a perfect thirst-quencher for doom and the likes of Old Tomb.

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