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Old Sea and Mother Serpent (Plutonian)

Crank this to 9 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Doom, Sludge

Sounds Like: Clouds Taste Satanic, Sons of Otis, Crowbar

Homeland: Yegoryevsk, Russia

Old Sea and Mother Serpent

Track Overview:

1. Wereserpents (20:26)

A tremendous opening song that flows with drowning sludge and ominous doom. Vocals remind us of Kirk Windstein of Crowbar fame.

2. The Scrag Temple (25:42) Standout Track

More downtrodden psychedelic doom. One would think that after 45 minutes of heavy sludge on the first two songs is tiresome... hell no, this is some mesmerizing shit. Plus, we love the slight vocal change. Just when you thought the song carries on with this spiraling doom, they introduce a sweet stoner doom vibe in last 4 minutes... amazing!

3. Subterranean Solstice (21:19)

21 more minutes of beautiful psych doom. This one is instrumental and will whisk you away.

4. It Seems We Need Help of a Wizard (11:00)

Another blistering heavy instrumental with some upbeat stoner vibes. Look out at the 4:47 mark of the song, the tempo changes into some amazing stoner doom vibe with addicting galloping riffs. Some of the finest stoner metal we have heard early in this year.


Album Nuggets

  • Plutonian has a mammoth production, you would never know this is a two-piece band.

  • 4 tracks running at a whopping 78:17 minutes and does not tire out what so ever.

  • Recorded, mixed & mastered in January- June 2019 at 4ymak Records by Alex Chumakov.


Brew Pairing

We are going with a sea creature theme here. Pick up some Lord Octopus by Hop Butcher For The World Brewing in Illinois. This 7.5% IPA is very crisp and and tropical, a great sidekick while drowning in the heavy fuzz of Plutonian.

Old Sea and Mother Serpent are:

Anthony - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums & Keys

Eugene - Bass & Guitars

Follow Old Sea and Mother Serpent: Bandcamp / Facebook

Label: No Name


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