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Nomadic Rituals (Tides)

Crank this to 9 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Sludge, Post Doom

Sounds Like: Old Man Gloom, Sons of Otis, The Ocean

Homeland: Belfast, UK

Nomadic Rituals

Track Overview:

1. Cassini-Huygens Part 1 (The Launch) 10:43

A terrific and unusual song that is loaded with raw doom with hardcore death metal-like vocals. A great opening track that welcomes you into their warped world.

2. Cassini-Huygens Part 2 (Last Transmission) 06:47

Sludge onslaught with brooding vocals by Craig and Peter. This track spirals into some heavy industrial sounds.

3. Them 06:34

Another wave of sonic sludge that just pummels the ears.

4. Tumulus 08:56 - Standout Track

This song will suck you in. The meditative start leads us slowly into a heavy barrage of sludge and death... crank this one.

5. Moving Towards Total Disorganisation 05:19

A slow, yet heavy mother of a song... reminds us of Sons of Otis.

6. The Burden 07:38

More sludge to make your ears bleed. This tune is just relentless.


Album Nuggets

  • Craig Carson and Peter Hunter have different styles when it comes to this type of sludge/death vocals. They compliment each other very well.

  • Solid production overall as we are very impressed with the band's complex and involved song-structures.

  • The mixing of sludge and doom with elements of death metal is very intuitive and original.


Brew Pairing

Anti Social Butterfly by Resident Culture Brewing in North Carolina is the perfect companion with the heaviness of Tides. This 7% IPA is ripe with mango and white peaches, yet is thick and bold.

Nomadic Rituals are:

Craig Carson - Bass Guitar / Vocals

Peter Hunter - Baritone Guitar / Vocals / Synth

Mark Smyth - Drums / Percussion

Follow Nomadic Rituals: Bandcamp / Facebook


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