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No Teef (Hot Egg)

Crank this to 7.9 of 11

Released: 2015

Genre:Math rock

Sounds Like: Aucan, Blind Idiot God

No Teef

Give it up to one of the best band names that we have encountered in a long time. Welcome math rock enthusiasts, No Teef, hailing from Darwen, UK. We are not going to buy into yet another attempt at a new genre in calling this ‘dork rock’. Nope, this is straight shooting math rock to the core. The foursome display impressive talent on their debut five track journey.

Track Listing:

1. Midnightmare - 2:38

2. We’ll Have a Think, Eh? - 2:15

3. Where the Fuck is Liam? - 2:25

4. All the Single Ladies - 2:25

5. A Pain in the Arse - 2:39

At first glance, this may appear to be a fuck-around EP just slapped together by four dudes in their garage. Not the case. Hot Egg is short, but loaded with vibrant sound, complex change-ups, and stellar percussion. Dale Grogan on drums has some jaw-dropping moments throughout this EP.

Our favorite track is "All The Single Ladies" a whirlwind of grooves and a dope ass shoegaze culmination. Very cool track. Runner up track going to "Where the Fuck is Liam?" which features some very poignant contrasts and a bit more on the heavy dark side.

Band Members:

Dale Grogan - Drums

Liam Corran - Bass

Iain Rutherford - Guitar

Jordan Howard - Guitar

No Teef have a bright future ahead of them. Tight sound and a boatload of energy could take them far within the math-rock world. Would love to see them branch out a little further, perhaps blending in some distorted vocals saturated with echo or some shit like that. These dorks are anything but.

Standout Tracks: All the Single Ladies, Where the Fuck is Liam?

Follow No Teef: Bandcamp


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