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Native Daughters (Master Manipulator)

Crank this to 9 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2016

Genre: Progressive metal, Post-rock

Sounds Like: Intronaut, ISIS, Russian Circles

Native Daughters

Fans of progressive metal rejoice, for we are about to embrace the new release from Denver, Colorado’s Native Daughters. Master Manipulator, the bands’ sophomore album, released through Sailor Records is by far no slump, in fact they have expanded upon their heavy instrumental progressive sound. While it’s virtually impossible not to hear influences from bands like ISIS, Russian Circles or Intronaut, they bring a tremendous amount of originality and fervor to the genre. One important aspect to the album we must bring to light is the use of two drummers. This really plays an important role to their sound, the drumming is absolutely stunning throughout, really elevating the album. Sit back, crank this one up and let’s explore the realm of Mater Manipulator.

1. Sleep Lump (5:17) Ominous opening with crisp drums and creeping bass tones. This leads us to some open-ended inspiring Post-rock arrangements, than on a turn of a dime the heavy onslaught begins with some thick crunchy rhythms that make you want to crank this mother up a few notches. This is a very promising opening track.

2. Two Princes (5:35)

Progressive in nature, combines the thrilling rhythms of “Celestial” by ISIS and possess Intronaut-like percussion. This track really grabbed a hold of us; the drum-work is stunning and really showcases how tight the band is, they complement each other’s style very well.

3. UninVAIted (6:54)

Laced with dense and heavy post-rock. A monumental track that dances in and out of so many styles of metal, it has a broad reach to satisfy fans of different styles metal.

4. Goodnight, Little B (2:29)

Ahh, take a breath with the soft echoed acoustics as this one is timed perfectly to cleanse the palette before more heaviness ensues.

5. Happy New Year, Nurse (8:18)

Interesting title, makes us want to hear some lyrics. With no warning this one starts off with a thick, crunching heaviness than slowly develops into some post-metal. At around the 4 minute mark we love how they bring things down to a soft jam, the contrast to the heaviness is stimulating.

6. Duke (7:34)

WOW, just a flat-out captivating tune. All the elements we have described about the band show up here. Just give it a listen… enough said.

7. StAnger (5:22)

Begins peacefully with stormy weather, than slowly building to culmination of inspiring, arm rising to the sky metal. This one will put you in a positive mood.

8. Master Manipulator (2:28)

A guitar-driven outro to close our experience, you could say this is another palette cleanser.

It’s very difficult to stand out in this genre, there is so much out there to explore, yet Native Daughters have found a way to capture our attention and hold it. Do not overlook this band, head over to their Bandcamp page and download this one, it’s an impressive start to 2016 with this release.

Band Members:

Thomas Chagolla-Drums, Keys

Justin Hackl-Guitar

Colin Madden-Drums, Samples

Eddies Maestas-Guitar

Gene Martinez-Bass

Follow Native Daughters: Bandcamp / Facebook


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