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MWWB (The Harvest)

Crank this to 8.9 of 11

Released: 2022

Genre: Psychedelic doom

Sounds Like: Domkraft, UFOMAMMUT, Frayle

Homeland: Wales, UK


Album Overview

  • Formerly known as Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, MWWB take us into their futuristic psychedelic doom world

  • The Harvest shows a more polished sound from previous releases

  • The percussion is dense and the guitars fill the room with sludge driven rhythms, you won't find many solos, if at all

  • MWWB are an unusual doom band, their style is very unique thanks to the combination of trippy synths and the vocal work of Jessica Ball

  • The synths used throughout the album are an important part of their sound. They are used in a smart way and by no means take away from their signature doom vibe

  • Jessica's vocals are in top form on this release, she has this sensual robotic sound and its fits perfectly within the doom sludge

  • Throughout this album you will hear a few synth-driven interludes. At first this threw is for a loop, but after a few rotations, they just blend right in and help create a cinematic feel to the album

  • The album cover is perfect as it showcases the style of music to a tee

  • Fans of doom sludge who want something different, this is the perfect album to add to your heavy rotation


Track Listing:

1. Oblok Magellana 1:59

2. The Harvest 9:10

3. Interstellar Wrecking 3:27

4. Logic Bomb 7:49

5. Betrayal 2:56

6. Altamira 7:44

7. Let's Send These Bastards Whence They Came 3:57

8. Strontium 9:22

9. Moon Rise 4:35


Standout Track(s)

Logic Bomb

This song is sci-fi doom at it's finest. With the uplifting stellar vocals floating among sludge and comforting bass, it's just hits all the right notes.


Brew Pairing

Somewhere Out There IPA by Sloop Brewing in Hopewell Junction, NY. This 6.2% IPA is very crisp and smooth with minimal bite at the end. A predict sidekick while listening to The Harvest.

MWWB are:

Jessica Ball - Vocals and Synths

Paul Michael Davies - Guitar and Synths

Stuart Sinclair - Bass

Dom McCready - Drums

Follow MWWB: Bandcamp / Facebook


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