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Mother Wormhole (Soul Asylum)

Turn this to 5.6 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Instrumental Rock

Sounds Like: Electric Octopus

Homeland: France

Mother Wormhole

Album Overview

  • The French instrumental band deliver peaceful simplicity on their fourth release

  • Calming background affair

  • 45 minutes of consistent guitar tones. Do not expect any risk taking on this one

  • Difficult to experience in one full sitting unless background music intention

  • Need more risk taking, this album is quite flat


Track Insights:

1. Shadows on Mars (8:00)

Not much movement on this one

2. Womhole Eyes (6:42)

Appreciate the darker tones to commence, best track of the lot

3. Soul Asylum (8:04)

Title track is quite the snoozer

4. Blur (5:25)

Narrow sonic range

5. Star Rider (6:05)

Same same

6. Frozen Clouds (3:57)

Clouds open up a bit in last minute

7. Dizzy Sun (4:25)

South Pacific feel... subtle as can be


Standout Track(s):


This lengthy mind-trip has it all. Not only does it jam, they throw in some odd vocals and timely Deep Purple-esque synths.


Brew Pairing

French Broad River Brewery’s River’s Mist Hazy IPA at 7.1% ABV is a solid beer. This Hazy IPA has a slightly hazy golden body and a juicy citrus bouquet. It is whirlpool hopped with Cascade and Lemon Drop hops and dry hopped with a healthy amount of Cascade and Amarillo giving it a noticeably aromatic finish that is enhanced by notes of tart grapefruit, lemon and herbs. Steady citrus faire that blends well in the background with Soul Asylum.

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